We would love to meet you and share our wine with you. It's for this reason that we built our own cellar door.  You can sample our delicious wines as well as enjoying spectacular views over the vineyard and the valley.

We are not a gift shop, a coffee shop or any other shop. We're a vineyard with a cellar door, and we'll give you a tasting.

Linger a little longer with a glass on the verandah before taking some home!

Nandroya 001

Our vineyard

Our vineyard is 1.5 hectares (3.7 acres), is slightly elevated and faces northeast to capture the maximum sun in the growing season. Wine, after all, is bottled sunshine!

Warm days and cool nights identify Nandroya as a true "cool-climate' vineyard. Our vintage can be as late as May when there is already snow on nearby Mt Wellington.


Nandroya grows fantastic Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. When planted back in 1990, we took a risk with Sauvignon Blanc, which has since become our signature wine.

Wine Making

John and Joy know how to grow the best grapes in the area. They have enlisted the help of an expert winemaker to complete the process. She is Di Aldous


Di Aldous studied wine-making at Melbourne University and worked as a pharmacist before turning to wine-making as a special interest.Her background taught her precision,the art and science and the importance of communication.

Her vision is to make quality,affordable wines for all tastes.

Understanding wine has been a long-standing passion for Di and she strives to grasp wine-making concepts while exploring and practicing different wine-making techniques utilised by quality wine-makers throughout Australia.

She sets her own award winning style and quality, by working with the grapegrower and drawing from the grape berry the best possible characters with minimal processing.



 Pinot Noir

With the Cellar Door reopening September 1st

it's time to introduce the 2021 Pinot Noir

Remembering 2018, this is a worthy successor.

Rich and spicy with the typical soft mouthfeel for which Pinots are noted

$34 or $374/Doz







2020 Sauvignon Blanc

Again a wooded version and a non-wooded style

Very similar to the 2018 which was so popular the

last few cases had some clients upset they missed out!

$25/bottle for both styles